About LoveCollide

LOVECOLLIDE has been nomiated for a 2019 Juno Music Award!

LoveCollide (luv kəˈlīd ) v. the act of humanity encountering god's love

We are aliens in this world and live by heaven's rules. We are all equal and united in Christ; not defined by labels. We are tired of basic - it's time to break out of the boxes created by culture. Let's be the weirdos God called us to be and prove to the world that we are not extinct. Ordinary people do extraordinary things because we serve an extraordinary God. Let's stir things up and fight for revival. This is the rebelution. Will you join us?

Fellow Rebels before us.

  • Jesus
  • Susan B Anthony
  • Albert Einstein
  • Mother Teresa
  • Martin Luther King Jr.

Lauren DeLeary Budnick

Lauren strives to authentically live life how God intended. She has a driven personality and a strong sense of curiosity, which makes her passionate about the unknown and the confusing topics in life.

Lauren believes beauty is HEALTH in body, spirit and mind. She is fueled by plants and is passionate about the ethical and environmental benefits of being vegan. Lauren is a feminist for nonviolent choices. She is pro-all-life and believes that all beings are created equal and have a right to live without violence from conception to natural death. She is happiest when she is traveling, exploring new cities, experiencing different culture, dancing, or eating amazing food. She vlogs with her drummer husband, Adam, filming life in Nash, tour adventures, vegan noms and more.

Brooke DeLeary

Brooke is a free spirited ambivert. She is one of the most passionate human beings you'll ever meet. Apart from her intense stage fright, brooke isn't afraid of anything as she constantly lives for adventure and new experiences. She believes that if one person has done it, she can do it too. When Brooke isn't adventuring, she's probably eating ramen noodles while watching Netflix or tearing apart the nearest thrift store. Brooke first fell in love with music as a three year old playing the drums. Ever since then she's been drumming to her own beat and wants nothing more than to see people doing the same. Normality bores her and it makes her sad to think that's the way most people end up living their entire lives.

Adam Budnick

Adam has a passion for drums, coffee, fitness! He has been connected to drums his whole life. His father started the well loved brand of Risen drums; thus Adam began building drums at the age of 3. At age 10, Adam began drumming for numerous churches in the twin city area and learning the trade from the industries most well-known drummers. By age 16 he was a drum tech for major touring artists.

At age 20, he co-owned a drum store in Minneapolis and later, a drum manufacturing company called NorthEast Drum Co. That is where Lauren and Brooke found Adam when they walked into a his drum shop needing a few supplies. At that time, Lauren played the kick drum while playing the bass, and Brooke played the tambourine with a foot pedal while playing guitar. They were praying for just the right drummer. Initially Adam was just going to be their midwest regional drummer, but after a few shows it became apparent that their mission and desires connected and he quickly became their full time drummer. He began touring nationally for LOVECOLLIDE in summer 2015. On occasion Adam will drum with various artists from pop, to worship, from rap to hip-hop if LOVECOLLIDE is not on tour. On a side note, after two years touring together, Lauren and Adam decided doing life together was pretty awesome and tied the knot, January 2018.